Send money to poland

Send money to Poland

Send money to Poland

Sending money to Poland from Canada?

Sending a money transfer from Canada to Poland has never been so easy! All we need is your beneficiary’s email address. Get ready to save big when you use our platform today, and you can look forward to high speed and efficiency. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register here
  2. Add your beneficiary’s email
  3. Provide dollar amount
  4. Instantly view the current real-time exchange rates to Poland and payment options available
  5. Want to send a second payment to the same beneficiary? You can do it instantly by selecting the beneficiary added earlier. This eliminates the tedium of adding the beneficiary bank information all over again.
  6. If you require any further assistance, you can schedule a demo here


Sending an international money transfer to Poland is easy and stress-free. You can register now and make a transaction whenever you feel ready.


Within one business day.

By implementing revolutionary technology into the infrastructure of international payments, we are bringing Canada a service that is faster than any other wire transfer or alternative provider out there. In some cases, your money may even reach the recipient sooner than one business day.

Each business account is subject to different sending limits depending on a specific criteria. Contact us directly to determine the highest amount of money your business can send to Poland.

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