Remitware Payments Canada Inc. – Security Policy

The Remitware Payments Canada Inc. (RPCI) security policy is extremely stringent and designed with the interests of our customer in mind at all times. The terms “Remitr”and/or “Lyra” are platforms denoting products of Remitware Payments Inc. USA (RPI) which are used by you on your mobile or on the web or any other web device, RPI application systems and databases and all other data that may be stored on digital media in our secure locations. RPCI provides the said products and platforms to you under license from RPI.

The specificdetails of our security policy are as set out hereunder.

Remitr or Lyra is designed with a security-first mindset

  • At RPI and RPCI, security is paramount and all of your information is always private by default.
  • While processing your transactions we do not pass any sensitive personal or financial information to recipients, thereby removing significant information security risk.
  • We utilize tokenization that replaces high-value data in a financial transaction with a time-based, tokenized message.
  • All data-interchange between Remitr or Lyra and its partners uses industry-leading bank-grade encryption.

Our infrastructure partners are industry leaders

  • Our platform is built on top of a world-class cloud environment. Our cloud provider offers a highly secure environment.
  • All your personal and transaction data is stored on servers physically located in the USA, thereby ensuring that there is no access whatsoever to any authority outside the territorial jurisdiction of USA.
  • Our web traffic is routed through an intelligent network to enhance performance and limit attacks.
  • Our platform and systems are monitored and undergo routine penetration and intrusion testing to protect our customers from any future threat perceptions.
  • We go an extra mile to protect your data.
  • When you register on the Remitr or Lyra Platform, we confirm and ensure that all communication is secured between your phone/computer and our servers.
  • Every successful login to your Platform creates a temporary session which authorizes the connections between your Platform and our servers, thus ensuring that your session can never be hijacked.
  • Your data resides on servers that are protected both physically and electronically.
  • Our Platform-to-server communications are encrypted with 128-bit or greater encryption controlled by Transport Layer Security (TLS), and sit behind multiple layers of firewall and intrusion protection systems that protect and secure the data flow at every stage.
  • We have implemented extremely robust and fault tolerant backup and fallback infrastructure which ensures protection of your data and transactions, and continuous operations in case of any infrastructure failure at our primary datacenter location.
  • Our fallback infrastructure includes redundant links, redundant servers, continuous data replication, and redundant storage.

We ensure that your identity is secure with us

  • We verify your phone number and/or email id when you first use the Remitr or Lyra Platform. This ensures that only you can use the Remitr appon a phone which has your phone number, or in the case of Lyra, an email id which belongs to you.
  • You are required to enter a personal four digit PIN on the mobile app every time you move money or make any major change to your account.
  • Your PIN is never stored on our servers, hence cannot be stolen.
  • Even if you lose your mobile phone, no unauthorized usercan access your Remitr or Lyra Platform to know past transactions or to make new transactions.

Security is never enough nor absolute

  • Our security professionals bring a broad range of combined experience in the field and work hard to continually enhance our information security.
  • We recommend you take certain basic steps as well. For example, we recommend that you don’t share your account credentials with anyone or send sensitive information like bank account numbers or national ID/social security numbers via email, use strong passwords and do not write down your PIN or Passwords anywhere.
  • If you have any questions at all or concerns regarding security please feel free to write to us on

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